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Introducing a groundbreaking Six.One MarketPlace platform that drives profitability and transforms the way Microsoft CSPs conduct their business.

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Features of Six.One Cloud Marketplace

Check out the features we offer at Cloud Marketplace

Multi-Model Platform

Empower your customers with self-service capabilities, reducing manual silos and enhancing their overall experience.

Customer Empowerment Hub

Provide end customers with seamless access to purchase, provision, and manage their cloud resources.

Pricing, Discounts and Offers

Create custom plans, discounts and offers that combine usage-based services and licenses.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain valuable insights with extensive reporting on Azure usage and licenses purchased.

Microsoft NCE
Maximize your Microsoft NCE success with the cutting-edge Six.One platform.

Seamlessly adapt to changes in the Microsoft CSP program and harness the extensive capabilities of Six.One for unparalleled efficiency.

Maximize your Microsoft NCE (New Commerce Experience)

List of the features we offer

License Manager

Seamlessly purchase new NCE licenses and effortlessly manage existing purchases with ease.

Price Manager

Create customized plans for your customers, Ensuring accurate offer pricing that aligns with their needs.


Take advantage of promotional opportunities to drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

Schedule Upgrades

Take full control of your subscriptions by proactively scheduling changes to meet evolving business needs.

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