Who are we

The idea is to create an innovative future.

Six.One is an enterprise-ready application that gives you benefits like connecting to the company server securely, minimizing device cost, introduce virtualization, working remotely, safely, and reliably without any threat of losing data or intrusion of privacy.


We can assist your organization in developing an agile and stable network that is ready to handle business needs by viewing the hybrid cloud as a set of distinct disciplines.


To assist businesses in transforming difficulties to opportunities. An enterprise-ready hybrid cloud application that saves the company server securely, reduces device cost, enables working remotely, safely, and reliably without any hazard.


Our remote work vision for has been dramatically accelerated as a result of the global pandemic. Enterprises are rethinking their way of working and urgently need to adopt tools that enable the secure exchange of work over the internet.

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Years of Experience
Operational Exellence

Six.One teaches you how to administer, operate, and monitor business-critical systems.


Six.One cloud security provides on-premises and public cloud protection for data, apps, and infrastructure.

Performance Efficiency

Businesses today are opting for hybrid cloud space to keep some workloads on-premises while reducing cloud sprawl and improving hybrid cloud efficiency.

Cost Optimization

Six.One allows you to get cost control and continuously optimize your spending while developing modern, scalable apps to fulfill your requirements.


Six.One Hybrid cloud solutions claim to improve reliability and security by allowing you to be less reliant on on-premises infrastructure while maintaining control over critical data.

Meet our Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

Dedicated to quality and your success

Sam Barhoumeh

Founder & CEO

Nagesh Prabhuswamy

Director Of Operations, India

Jeff Palazzo

VP Partner Solutions

Nicholas Quinn

VP Entreprise Sales

John Fitzsimmons

Director Of Sales

Shwetha RK

Technical Architect

Praveen Bhosage

Technical Architect

Mahesh BR

DevOps Architect

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